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Challenges involving people (motivating, evaluating, teaming, hiring, firing) are a very common issue we hear from business owners. We have a complete set of assessment tools to help the business owner acquire, develop, and retain the best people. These assessment tools can be used in many areas of people development, including:

  • Recruitment & Selection – developing job descriptions and benchmarks that identify not only the experience and “hard” skills needed for a job, but also the behaviors, motivators and personal “soft” skills required, then using this information (along with applications, resumes, and interviews) to filter candidates and match the best candidates for the job
  • Team Building & Development – helping teams understand each other and function in a more cohesive and healthy way. Develop trust, “healthy” conflict, commitment, accountability, and a focus on results
  • Leadership Development – developing better leaders by helping them understand both themselves and others better
  • Professional Development – helping individuals understand their strengths, weaknesses and natural tendencies by providing an in-depth look at an individual’s behaviors, motivators and personal skills and developing a professional improvement plan
  • Employee Retention – keeping your employees motivated, engaged and working for you