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Joe Maddon – Management Guru

The toughest part of any organization is leading and managing its people.  Leadership is the more strategic, “thinking” part of the job – setting a clear direction, long-term planning, etc.  Management is more about execution – the “doing” part of the job – setting expectations, communicating, coordinating, etc.  A manager needs to be a coach, […]

“Team Health” and Football – not just about injuries

  When I help companies implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®), we focus on making them both “smart” and “healthy”. “Smart” is about your products, processes, individual technical skills, technology, IP – the “hard” stuff. “Healthy” is about your people – who they are, what they value, how they behave, how they work together and […]

What can we learn from some 11-13 year-olds?

For ten days shortly before Labor Day, the entire country (and especially Chicago) was captivated by the story of the Jackie Robinson West (JRW) Little League team and their journey to the U.S Championship title and the World Championship final game. Part of the intrigue was the stark contrast between the positive news of this team of all African-American youngsters and the more common negative stories of violence from their neighborhoods. Another part of the story was the team’s success versus Chicago’s inept professional baseball teams. However, it was the values that these kids exhibited through their consistent behaviors that resonated with so many of us.

“Process” and “Spot” – How Rory McIlroy’s Big Win Can Help Your Business

Whether or not you play or follow golf, you may have heard that last weekend Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlroy won The Open Championship (British Open) and was declared “Champion Golfer of the Year”. At age 25, he is the third youngest to ever win 3 out of 4 of golf’s modern “major” championships. What you may not have heard were the two key words – “process” and “spot” – that he credited for his victory. You may also not imagine how the principles behind these words can apply to your business.

You Must Choose One System

A “Clarity Break” Thought from EOS® founder Gino Wickman: “You Can’t Build a Great Company on Multiple Operating Systems – You Must Choose One” The term “operating system” usually correlates to technology or is related to software. Consider an “operating system” for running your business, for managing and orchestrating the human energy in your company. […]

Process and Structure – The Keys to Consistent Execution

My family recently had dinner at a well-known restaurant outside Chicago – Bob Chinn’s Crab House.  In July 2012, Forbes magazine ranked Chinn’s as the highest-grossing restaurant in the U.S. ($24 million, not including alcohol).  Some statistics – 700 patron seats, average 2500 meals per day (4500 on peak days), staff of 300. I have […]

Face to Face is Best

I was recently asked by a consulting organization to facilitate a meeting between two executives who seemed to be constantly at war regarding how things were being handled in their business unit.  The email traffic was fast and furious, and the temperature in them was rising. Based on the background information I received, it was […]